Why you should be reading… BPS Research Digest

Why you should read it

As thought leaders, business experts, and coaches, we need to understand how people work.  How they learn, how they think, and how minds tick.  There’s a wealth of information out there – but a lot of it’s wrong. As neurology gets more popular, even more info is exaggerated, misinterpreted, or just plain nonsense. SO – sailing into the rescue comes the BPS Research Digest, by Christian Jarrett.

Why it’s so good

The BPS Research Digest takes the latest psychological studies and summarises them into a three or four easy-to-read paragraphs.  Written by Christian Jarrett and backed by the British Psychology Society, it’s very reliable.  When the latest discovery has some question marks over it (Does this experiment apply to other situations? Did it use enough people? Was there a proper control group?), this is flagged up.  The thoughtful list of categories makes the relevant info easy to find, instead of heaping on a bazillion tags. Accessible, trustworthy, and user-friendly: it’s a gem.

How to read it

Also worth checking out…

The sister blog, BPS Occupational Research Digest, written by Alex Fradera. This zooms in on studies directly related to workplace life. The writing isn’t as smooth and lively as Jarrett’s – it leaves in more formal language, psych-speak, and jargon – but the info is great and it shares the same reliability.

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